"I crossed paths with Emily at a crucial time in my life and in my yoga journey. The heavy workload and intense rigor of my college courses had left me feeling constantly drained and stressed. I started going to yoga classes to try and ease some of that stress, and to forge a new relationship with my mind and body. Emily's classes were a beautiful escape from the monotony of my busy life, and the more time I spent with her, the more my yoga practice blossomed into a thing that brought me joy and healing. When I enrolled in her teacher training program, I was able to see up close Emily's deep and genuine love for the practice of yoga. I saw her passion for guiding others to reconnect with their mind, spirit, and body and to harness that connection in all areas of life beyond the yoga mat. She taught me how to listen to my body, how to interpret sensations, and to always be curious about my inner landscape. I'm so grateful to consider Emily as a friend and a mentor. When you enter a class with Emily (virtually or in-person) you are in for the treat of a lifetime, and the gifts you gain from her teachings will stay with you always." ~Mara

“Emily is one of the most grounded and caring people I have ever met. She lives yoga in her personal life which makes her teaching real and authentic. Emily creates an environment where you can feel safe to try new things and to experiment with your breath and body. She is great at holding space for you to push yourself as you explore your mind and emotions as well. Emily is very knowledgeable about the mechanics and subtleties of the human body and is able to teach these  complicated ideas and concepts in ways that are simple and easy to understand and apply. She teaches poses and flows in ways that are calming for the mind but are also safe for the body.” ~Sarah

“I had the honor of being able to learn from and train with Emily in her RYT-200 course three years ago. It was a life altering experience! Emily infuses light, love and wonderful intentions into everything she creates and everyone she interacts with. I was able to learn so much about myself spiritually, physically and mentally in her class. Anyone I come across who is looking to learn more about themselves and the world around us, through Yoga, I send to Emily. I would emphatically encourage anyone to learn from her and take her course! I have no doubt you will have an incredible experience with her as your guide.” ~Mallory

"Words cannot adequately express my gratitude for Emily and the hours she sat with me in my learning. Her light, her deep knowledge and understanding of yoga, her passion, her patience, her love — Emily radiates the most important qualities of a trustworthy teacher. She did and continues to inspire me in so many ways, and I’m forever grateful to have her example and guidance in my life." ~Shayna

"Putting my 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training experience into words is difficult. From the first morning to the last we were challenged to stretch our bodies, our minds and most importantly our breath. Although Emily was an expert in giving direction, and leading sequences, the lessons taught by her encompassed far more than poses and form. Through daily meditation, journal writing, carefully crafted flows, and always maintaining a focus on the breath I learned so much from this experience. My personal practice is richer and I have so much appreciation for my time spent learning from Emily, she truly is a light."~Shelly

"Doing yoga teacher training was always in the back of my mind for my entire yoga journey. I wanted to be a teacher to show that big bodied people can do yoga too; that it can be accessible for every body. I kept putting it off for years. Finally, I saw Emily’s post about it. I emailed her and asked her if I had to perform every single pose to pass for being a teacher. Little did I know, yoga isn’t just about the poses. To say that I enjoyed my YTT with Emily is an understatement. I knew that we’d be working on ourselves just a little bit, but I thought we’d study mostly on poses and yoga concepts. Little did I know, that those two go hand in hand so beautifully. I completed my YTT when I was 30--and it was the best thing I have ever done for myself. I have developed my own personal practice that has become so grounding-when I’m anxious, nervous, or unsure about life, I turn to my practice and it all melts away. I’ve come to understand and know myself better than I ever have in my 32 years of living now and I’m forever grateful for Emily and her training." ~Emily

"Yoga set me free. Set me free to be me, embrace me, love me, honor me, balance me. Most importantly it taught me to breathe, then to breathe some more, & breathe even more. To exhale, to cleanse and clear out the grief, the fear, the abandonment, the destructive self talk, the lack of self confidence, the labels. It taught me to inhale security, strength, pure soul filled self love, presence, acceptance of all emotions, space, room to breath, life. It has taught me to breathe, to exhale and inhale what feels good to me, to be in touch with myself, to make me a priority, to find my drishti ( point of focus ), to stop comparing, to give myself grace, to slow down, to balance, to quit holding my breath. Am I perfect at all the things it’s taught me? No, because this practice taught me that it’s a lifetime process, to always honor wherever I am each day and in each moment of time. It continues to teach me to show up, to accept myself without judgement and wholehearted grace and to breathe. It has and continues to set me free each and every practice.” ~Heather

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