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Practices and Rituals for Embracing the Elements

Earth Element Qualities—

Supported | Held | Patient | Resilient | Grounded | Rooted | Foundation | Reliable

If any of the following resonates with you:

  • You feel disconnected from your body

  • You have trouble bringing your ideas into form

  • You struggle financially

  • You often feel 'spacey' or lost in thought

  • You feel fearful, anxious or restless

  • You have difficulty focusing

  • You struggle with poor boundaries

  • You have trouble with organization

Try this:

  • Grounding yoga sequences that include standing poses and hip openers

  • Breathwork that includes long exhale breaths; if possible, hold your exhale breath out for a moment or two

  • Spend time in nature

  • Learn about, and honor your ancestors

  • Mantra: I am abundant | I am supported | I belong

  • Journal Prompt: Dear body, ...

Water Element Qualities—

Flow | Freedom | Movement | Sexuality | Desire | Creativity | Change | Pleasure

If any of the following resonates with you:

  • You feel rigid in your body and beliefs

  • You struggle socially; find difficulty relating to others

  • You deny yourself pleasure

  • You often fear change

  • You struggle with a lack of desire, passion or excitement

  • You struggle with intimacy

  • You have menstrual difficulty

  • You often feel 'stuck' or unmotivated

  • You have difficulty letting go

Try this:

  • Intuitive movement; let your body move however it likes

  • Ocean breath (Ujjayi); very gently soften your throat (like a whisper), but breathe with your mouth closed. It will create a soft ocean sound that is very soothing.

  • Spend time in water

  • Mantra: I surrender to the moment

  • Journal prompt: I am ready to let go of...

Fire Element Qualities—

Power | Transformation | Purpose | Confidence | Discipline | Willpower

If any of the following resonates with you:

  • You have poor focus or discipline

  • You struggle with organization

  • You often feel sluggish, lazy or tired

  • You often fear change

  • You have rigid boundaries

  • You have frequent illnesses

  • You can't settle; often feel anxious

  • You struggle with money

Try this:

  • Heat-building exercises that focus on strength, stamina and core work

  • Spend time in the sunshine!

  • Finish something you started, but never finished

  • Mantra: I can do whatever I will to do

  • Journal prompt: I am transforming into...

Air Element Qualities—

Love | Giving | Receiving | Acceptance | Peace | Balance | Relationship

If any of the following resonates with you:

  • You struggle with abandonment issues, rejection or loss

  • You often experience feelings of guilt and/or shame

  • You struggle with relationships (self and others)

  • You carry unresolved grief (yours or your parents)

  • You experience fear of intimacy

  • You often experience feelings of loneliness or isolation

  • You are often critical/judgemental of self and others

  • You tend to be antisocial or often withdrawn

Try this:

  • Heart-opening practices in yoga

  • Focus on the inhale breath during breathwork; if possible hold your inhale breath in for a brief moment or two.

  • Change your perspective by traveling to a place with a view

  • Mantra: I am worthy of love

  • Journal prompt: Love feels like...

Space Element Qualities—

Truth | Manifestation | Visualization | Intuition | Trust | Insight | Imagination | Resonance

If any of the following resonates with you:

  • You struggle with communication and/or listening (you may be either too loud or too quiet)

  • You sometimes feel 'off' or 'out of sorts.'

  • You struggle with visualization or pattern recognition

  • You feel disconnected from your intuition

  • You struggle with the concept of manifestation

  • You have poor dream recall or struggle with excessive dreaming and/or nightmares

  • You have difficulty putting feelings into words

  • You often feel disconnected from life and/or others

Try this:

  • Chakra meditations

  • Pay attention to the vibration of people, events and spaces, noticing how each affects your energy

  • Protect your boundaries with grounding practices and rituals

  • Mantra: Divinity resides within

  • Journal Prompt: Write a letter to your inner child

If you'd like more information about practices and rituals that relate to the elements of nature, join me for my course: Developing a Personal Practice | Embracing the Elements:

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