• Emily Perry

Developing a Daily Practice: How to Get Started

1. First of all, what are you practicing for? Do you need peace, support, self-care, or healing? Could you use a little more strength, courage or creativity? Is it about honoring the Divine or summoning energy? It could be one thing or any combination of things. It might change daily or stay steady day after day…whatever it is, bring it to the forefront of your daily practice and then…

2. Intention is everything. Truly, the practice itself doesn’t matter so much as the fact that you’ve set it apart and sanctified it as a sacred part of your day. It could be something that you do each day, like shower or make tea, but when you set it apart and bless the act, it comes alive with potency and energetic influence. If you’re new to the idea, try a simple blessing—"please let this act bless me, as I bless it,” will do just fine. Or sing over it and through it—perhaps a song from your childhood; the one that breaks your heart in a good way. You might chant or recite mantra, or simply fill your heart with gratitude as you offer yourself to the practice in reverence and remembrance that you have the power to bring light into anything, and in turn, your light will reflect back on you. If you’re really feeling low, give yourself in mercy to the simplest act of tenderness and let it love you without anything in return. I promise you; you’ll be held.

3. Make it easy. I usually start my day by asking, “what is it that you need today, darling?” (I always try to talk sweetly to myself—a practice I picked up years ago…) Sometimes I know right away, other times, I just let the question float for a while. Eventually, as the day goes on, something materializes. Then, once I know what I need, I assess how much time I have. If I have time to create my day around it, like a soak in a hot spring or a longer ritual practice, I will, but that is rarely the case. More often, I need to draw from something I’m already doing that day. If you’ve been following along in my IG stories, you’ll notice that often my practice is centered around clearing and cleaning space in my home. If I already need to tidy up, (which I pretty much always do), then I make a practice out of it. I honor the act with intention and infuse it with love, or I might spend the day practicing with my internal dialogue—flushing out unhealthy words or ideas as I diligently watch over my inner space. It might be a practice of loving my body as I shower, or honoring the sky by taking the time to linger a little longer as I gaze out the window. The more you practice, the easier it gets, and soon, you’ll begin to look forward to each day with anticipation for the practices that come to you.

4. Lastly, hold yourself accountable to it. I’ll be honest, it’s why I decided to share this idea in the first place. I needed to hold myself accountable to my daily practices because I know that support and accountability will hold me up when I need a little extra support. Let me hold you accountable, and you can do the same for me. I’ll support you by sharing everything I can about daily practice…I’ll be sharing guided meditations, practices, and rituals here on my site, as well as simple examples of what I’m doing on social media. You can engage a little, or a lot. You can share what you’re up to with me, or not. Either way, I’m here—full of love and hope that we can get through this together.

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