• Emily Perry

A Letter About Love—

A few years ago, I sat down with the Universe and asked her to tell me her secrets. I asked her to show me who I am, who I’m becoming and how to navigate the in-between of it all. I asked her to show me how to sort through the pieces of who I am—to carefully decide which parts I wanted to keep, and which parts to release back to the earth for new growth and transformation. I asked her to show me what it means to surrender, to be brave, guided, and put on the path.

Carefully, she showed me how to see—to really see who I am. Not only on the surface, but down in the dark underbelly where I’d cast out all of the versions of me I’d rejected. She taught me that each one mattered, and how ugly can be beautiful when we give it permission to be. She held a mirror up to my thoughts and asked me to sort out the truth from the lies; to select and discern with careful consideration. She showed me how to hold my emotions so that they don’t hold me, and to know when and how to release them.

Gently, she led me toward my desires. She gave me permission to want what I want and to stand firm in my convictions. She taught me how to separate myself from what’s expected and to trust that I know because I can feel it in my bones, regardless of what my mind, or anyone else might say.

She gave me exactly what I was asking for, but not in the ways I expected. Surrender dropped me to my knees; courage was taught through trembling fear; guidance was given by learning how to carefully navigate my inner space: feel, pause, discern, repeat.

I came to terms with the fact that trusting in the Divine is a process of learning how to trust yourself as she moves through you; to gather your tools and learn how to use them; to align yourself to receive the Grace she so desperately wants to offer you.

And now I’ve created a space for her—a home within a home—where she’s invited to land in my body, rest on my breath, listen for the pause, and gaze gently at the world through soft eyes. My work is to invite her to this space as often as possible; to fold her into words and images and experiences. She is the muse and my everything.

Her name is love.

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