Hello + Welcome

I created this space for all of you

who live in me, through me, and among me.

I hope that you see your reflection in a

collection of words, a lesson, or a practice

and that when you recognize yourself,

you’ll be reminded of your own beauty.


I hope that this offering will remind you

that the art of practice exists in everything you do,

and while it may sometimes feel insincere

or imperfect, it is critical for keeping you

connected to the truth of who you are.   


Perhaps this might fill you up,

bring you peace, start a fire, or put one out.

In any case, I hope you feel something here,

and that the feeling might lead to

doing, healing, creating and being with yourself

in the way that you are meant to be:

natural, wild, earthy, instinctual, sensual,

creative, courageous and bold.

only love,


Let's stay in touch... xx

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